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Discover Zen philosophy and ancestral Japanese practices, originating from this philosophy.


The Belgian Adventure

Discover Belgium and its most beautiful cities, taste delicious food, visit brewery, chocolate factory, royal palace and museums, and admire the architecture and the nature of Belgium. 

Every day, take part to 1 to 2 Yoga/Pilates classes to refresh your body and enjoy the beauty of Belgium to nourish your mind. Simply enjoy the easy-going Belgian lifestyle.

Much more than a simple guided tour and different from a retreat, KokyuDo proposes a discovery of Zen and Japanese culture, both traditional and contemporary.

During the stay, you will have the opportunity to attend a daily Do-In course, meditate in Zen temples, receive a Shiatsu massage, participate in a tea ceremonies (Chanoyu), discover the tea of the region by tasting it and visiting a tea plantation, contemplate Zen gardens and immerse in the serenity of temples, visit Imperial villas and enjoy the benefits of onsens.

This trip will lead you to less touristic paths, take you to less known places, confront you and help you to absorb Japanese culture, introduce you to craftsmen, bring experiences, and help you to understand the real meaning of Zen.

Furthemore, May in Japan is characterized by a rich and green nature. The magnificent iris are in bloom and wisterias have spread their branches full of flowers.
The shades of green with a touch of purple will color our peregrinations...

Nourish yourself, be amazed, relax and breathe!


From Saturday 27th January to Sunday 4th February

7 days / 7 nights



(double room)




- 6 nights in the center of Brussels
- 6 to 8 Yoga and Pilates classes 
- All meals (including 2 gastronomical dinners)

- All transportations in Belgium
- Chocolate experiences
- Beer experience
- Spa
- Visit of Museums

- Walking tour in Brussels
- 1 day in Bruges
- 1 day in Antwerp

- 1 Welcome Bag

​All accompanied by Vanessa Luckx


- Flight ticket 
- Drinks

- Personal expenses

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