Stylish bra with details in Mesh.

With its high-light effect in Mesh plus Racerback, the bra looks cool and sporty.


  • Sporty Yoga Bra with elastic Mesh and Racerback
  • Wide straps for secure hold
  • Front High-Neck prevents insight during all positions
  • Elaborate processing of Mesh and dividing seams

L.A. Bra

¥7,100 通常価格
  • Medium Support
  • For all bra sizes
  • High-Neck
  • 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane
  • Breathable elastic fabric
  • Robust natural fiber
  • Certified Organic Cotton


How Mandala Loves the Planet

Mandala styles in Organic Cotton are produced under ecologically and ethically correct conditions.

The certification ensures that the cotton farmers, seamstresses and dyers receive fair wages. Moreover, the resource-saving cultivation of Organic Cotton does not use pesticides, nerve agents or chemical fertilizers. And the seeds are, of course, free of genetic engineering!